courtesy_vehicleIf your vehicle is stolen or has repairable damage from an incident and the insurance company is unable to provide a vehicle or it is unsuitable for your needs then we think this Replacement Vehicle Policy is a must.

MYTH: Every customer who has their vehicle stolen will be provided a replacement vehicle by their insurance company.
FACT: It is remarkable that only a small number of insurance companies offer any kind of solution, leaving the vast majority of the 30 million UK motorists exposed.

MYTH: But surely I will get a courtesy vehicle?
FACT: No courtesy vehicle will be provided whilst your car remains un-recovered (typically 10 – 14 days) and NOT when your vehicle is written off.

So, if your insurer fails to provide you with a vehicle we will:

  • Arrange for vehicle to be referred to nearest alternative approved repairer with courtesy vehicle availabl,e or …
  • Arrange the supply of a replacement vehicle through its national rental network.

Significant exclusions or limitations:
– Any vehicle hire costs incurred before we have accepted a claim.
– We will only pay vehicle hire costs up to the limit specified in the Certificate of Insurance. (Insured Incident)