Excess Protection insurance is an extra level of protection which covers your excess so if, for some reason, you need to make a claim on your current insurance policy the Excess Protect insurance policy will ensure your excess is paid back to you.

Many customers find that the higher you set your voluntary excess then the more discount you are given from the insurance company, driving down your premium. By adding on Excess Protect you’ll never get caught out with the high excess.

With XS Protect you will no longer have to worry about being out of pocket for any excess. Once the claim is settled by your insurance company (whether it is fault or non fault), XS Protect will refund your excess.

Our Excess Protection policies can just about cover all your insurance policies:

  • Private Motor Cars
  • Commercial Vehicles and Vans
  • Motorbike
  • Caravan & Motorhome
  • Minibus
  • Business / Company Car
  • Taxi
  • Fleet
  • Home Insurance